Dealing With Negative Thoughts

by Navin

Why do I constantly worry?
I start have worrying and uncomfortable feelings when negative thoughts start coming to my mind. These thoughts could be like: -

• Oh perhaps I am not liked
• Oh perhaps I am not considered worthful
• Oh perhaps I am considered less knowledgeable
• Oh perhaps I am considered skillful
• Oh perhaps I am not considered worthful
• Oh perhaps I am not considered free and comfortable
• Oh perhaps I am considered inferior

These thoughts are primarily due to the fact that you are unique as a person. The uniqueness is being silent and quiet person, an introvert personality, a non-assertive behavior, someone who does not open up even about things known forget about unknown things.

The whole feeling of being different from others makes you feel that you are abnormal and inferior. This feeling again goes on to make you feel unworthful. It starts playing into the mind, creating disturbing thoughts, one negative thought leading to another, finally making you feel un-worthful.

It also goes on to create a lot of stress. The stressful thoughts again interfere with the regular work, brings down creativity and productivity at work. The chain reaction continues.

Is there a way to break the chain reaction?
Firstly, when negative thoughts come to your mind, say its all bullshit – it’s not truth – it’s your feeling – dumb it into the dustbin
Secondly, when negative thoughts come to your mind, question it - ask is it? I don’t believe or accept it?

Thirdly, arguing with myself – that in being introvert, shy, less talkative, non-assertive, there is absolutely nothing wrong being like that. There are different types of persons around the world. I am one among those who is different.

However, in this different person – there is a rational person, there is a progressive person, a person who is good in writing and reading, who has diverse interests, who is concerned about social issues, who is sincere in work, good to parents and dependents. There are a lot of good qualities in this person than personality differences. If I am able to argue out to myself that this is the case I don’t need to worry at all.

The best thing is that start arguing with your own internal negative voice. When your start arguing with your own internal voice, you don’t accept any external negative voice - you also become more assertive in your behavior – you become more accommodative of yourself.

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