Desire To Succeed

by Cista Arceneaux
(Durham, NC)

"What I want is extraordinary. The way I will achieve it is the means to my success."


Why I want to achieve greatness is due to the need of purpose in my life. As I set goals in my life, I know that there is no end of the road. Once I achieve a goal, if I do not set another, my motivational flame will cease to exist and there will be no desire or purpose in my life.

Every step of the road is an opportunity to get inspired, enjoy the moment, and appreciate the little things that make me happy. I also understand that failure is success. As I enjoy the process, I know that I will reach mountains to climb and attempts on ideas that will not always have the desired outcome.

I either win or learn. Every fall and every no is the motivational why to keep it going. Life motivates me. People motivate me. Positivity motivates me. Time even motivates me.

The thought that I can actually make a difference in this world and the means to NEVER STOP BELIEVING in my dreams is my reason for wanting to be successful.

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