Don't Give Up on Your Hopes

by Atlegang
(South Africa)

When I started high school which is Grade 8,I took it like grade 1. It was a hard time. My marks were horrible.the marks were disgusting and made me cry.

For the three terms I kept on failing like I was stupid...and I wasn't. My parent became hard on me and told me I am very intelligent...but the problem was that I was lazy and there was lack of concentration.

I started working hard late(close to October) my marks were very high but they told me it was too late. My dad fetched my report and told me that I failed.

I was astonished and hurt. I thought about my future my dream and thought that there was no hope. But my entire family motivated me not to give up on my hopes and dreams my second year in grade 8 is not a problems and I saw were my mistakes are and I'm working hard an excelling at school.

Now I see I'm going in my school career and I learnt my lesson about taking high school simple

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