by Shane
(Rotterdam )


The number one reason people are failing in life is because of fear. And some of you may not know it, but below the surface, in your subconscious thoughts, some of you are constantly driven by fear!

When you're going to the gym to lose weight, you are afraid people will laugh at you.
When you finally found your passion in life, You are afraid to pursue it, because of what people might think of you.
This even goes way back to the time you were sitting in the classroom and you didn’t understood what the teacher just taught. And you were afraid to raise your hand, because you were afraid about your classmates laughing at you for being dumb!

And the pattern that constantly comes back in your thoughts is other people’s opinion about you. That should not be your main concern! Because in the end it only matters what you think of you. you are the one who has to live with yourself 24/7, 365 days a year. You have to look at yourself in the mirror every time you get up out of bed and every time before you go to sleep!

And it’s time to stop making decisions out of fear, and start making them from your _*determination*_. It's time to stop thinking: i’m afraid they’ll laugh at me. Start thinking: i’ll make sure they won’t laugh at me. It's time to stop thinking: I’m afraid I won’t reach my goals. Start thinking: I’ll make sure I will reach my goals!

From now on I want you to stop by every single decision you make and think by yourself what your main reason is *_why_* you’re making that decision.
And when you get to the point it is made out of pure determination instead of fear, I can guarantee you, no matter what obstacle lays in your way. No matter what people might think of you... Your inner fire will light a way straight to your goals!

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Oct 05, 2016
by: Moses

Thanks Shane. Lovely piece of work. Am sure my visitors will benefit greatly.


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