From Nowhere a Podcaster

by Priyadharshini R Kaushik


I am a busy mother kept all time engaged by my little one. As she started on her play school, I got a meagre 1hour time in which i wanted to do something that made me feel good.

Am a mentor and hence wanted to do something based on the same lines.

I thought of doing a simple motivating talks, started with a simple tool of my mobile and Whatsapp.

First time I was very hesitant as in how would people accept it, or what would they think of me, lines were all there, started trialing with known people and slowly with second degree people and now so many through social contacts get to listen to my podcast.

Motivating, inspiring thoughts for the day with a little story or life incidents.being a quickie i wanted it to span for not more than a minute+. Called this podcast as ONE MINUTE - All about a minute+ talk of inspiring motivating thoughtful things from yesterday and today to make tomorrow a better place for everyone to live in.

Almost everyday I try to post something that will change someones life somewhere. Am happy about what I'm doing.

Sometimes get great comments from lot of unknown people too. Am so happy that am able to extend a helping hand.

One simple story for all the folks here..
You Can't Succeed Until You Try.

Thanks and Regards
Pria R Kaushik

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