God's revelation on Christmas Day

by Abimbola Akinsuroju

God is merciful,his faithfulness is ever sure. I don't know why he showed me this revelation this morning, but I know he was sending me a message to someone. I saw it very clearly in my dream. I looked up to the sky I saw footprint(leg. I saw a mouth that opened and swallow something like fire. I saw a word boldly written on the sky LOVE THE WORD OF THE LORD which ever meaning you have to this word I hope you understand. And the sky open and something like a fire round in shape was coming down to the earth. I was very frightened and scared and I knew at the moment that rapture is taken place and I ask for his mercy but the fire turned around and went back and the sky closed. Today we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. How are we celebrating it? Why the revelation today? If he comes, where will he meet you and me. This revelation is real. God is not a man that he will lie. Jesus is coming very soon - the end time is near. He is a merciful God, he love us and he doesn't want us to perish in our sin.

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