How Could I Control My Emotions?

by Lalit Sharma
(Ahmedgarh, Punjab, India)

The time when I was studying in my college, I used to get angry and sentimental very easily. I think the accidental death of my mom at the age of 9 was the prime reason for it.

I was not able to express my feelings to anybody, so I suffered from mood swinging, you can say.

I did not have any idea how this temperament was changing my life and moving me towards ignorance. One day. I was just passing by my mother, who was listening to a saint on some religious channel.

I just heard some of her sayings. She said that if you want to control your emotions you must breathe deep and focus on the inhaling and exhaling. As I was free for some time, I decided to experiment with that. After taking some deep breathes I realised that she was right.

I kept on practising and focusing on every breath also. It was a miracle what happened in next few months. I really appreciate the saints of India who really have discovered such fruitful techniques.

I advise to all the sufferers who cannot control their emotions to follow the technique which is far better than any available medicines called as the "stress busters."

With love to all my friends,

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