How I Became an Entreprising Entrepreneur


It is one thing to be an entrepreneur on one side and another thing to be an exceptional one,
Which I have decided to call an "enterprising entrepreneur".

Far back some years ago, as a very young person; it was a difficult time for me because of those situation I found myself in, despite all I did to become a better person in life. But as God will have it, I ventured into what I love to do most, not as an entrepreneur but as an exceptional one.

How it all began:
I got a business idea and then sourced for those who believe in the idea to nurture and deploy it into a visible venture. One of those things that helped me as an individual was that I was trained to have management personal,and other relevant skills in order to handle the business excellently.

It is generally believed that skills make rich not theory and for this, I got the right skills and was able to work this out in becoming better at every point in time.

And now:
I have a successful company which provides financial advisory services, managerial training and services, programme anchoring, event planning, business plan and project writing and entrepreneurial development training.

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