How to Save a Relationship

by Katrin De Ocampo
(Davao City, Philippines)

Relationships are not complicated, people are. People make things excessively intricate. They create a mess and make mistakes, and they lie and cheat. They make promises and break it. People fail, not the relationship. The truth is, not everyone is compatible. A few relationships are destined to fail from the beginning. But there are many unsuccessful relationships, not because the people there aren't right for one another, but because they don't make an effort.
Saving a relationship usually demands both parties to make the exertion. If you don't see your partner's interest, don't be discouraged and assume the end. Yes, it’s mutual to build a relationship.
Still, if you are eager to know what you can solely do to save it, here are some tips:
Communicate. Ask your partner to sit down and resolve the differences if possible. Talk about how you feel about the relationship at the moment and why you both need to work out all the differences and be together.

Prioritize. Yes. Now and then we forget to show our partner that they are so vital to us. Our daily hustle and bustle grab our peace of mind away. Making little efforts in the right direction is necessary. For example, call them to let them know they cross your mind today, or if they like surprises, plan something special for them. This would develop a positive effect on your partner’s mind.

Appreciate: Let’s be real. We all desire to be acknowledged. It will strike us hard later on if we take our partners for granted or due to our insignificant behavior towards them. Then, we ponder what could have we done to save it from falling apart. See what small efforts he/she is making to give you pure happiness or improving your life. Write a sweet little note or appreciate them from time to time for all these things.

Travel or try a new hobby together. Planning out a trip together allows you to have more time together along with the delightful view and pleasure of a new place. It would also be enormous if you can find some hobby that interests you both. Then, pursue it together to create that spark in your relationship.

Simple hug or touch. Sometimes a power hug or just merely holding hands can ease the doubts of your partner too. A hug provides intricate responses that warm our heart and make us feel better. Try these to see if it works in your favor.

Remember: If in any case your partner degrades or disrespects or humiliates you, think before implementing the tips above. Please analyze carefully why you want to save your relationship, how severe the damage has been and whether this person is important to you or not.
Additional tips: If you want to save your relationship, a simple thank you or I love you won’t hurt.

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