I am not a failure!


God never created any one to be a failure in life, but when you are in a wrong place you will never realize your success.

When I read this article I became so much excited because the definition that people were giving did not really satisfy me. But when I read this, I realized that the steps that i had taken was a perfect one for my destiny. I was not that good in class but i believed that there is some thing i can do better.

Education was making me a failure yet I knew I had the potential to do great things outside studies. There for i just decided to drop out of school and prove to my parents that I was not a dull child because of the poor grades that i was getting.

Being a professional is not the only was of being successful in life.

I am now a serious entrepreneur and every one respects me. I know you have the potential to also make it in life if you believe that you can.

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