I Made Myself

by Khumo Mokgatle

Through out my life I sought approval of others. I believed that the environment makes you and breaks you,in order to survive you need everyone to praise and approve you until it came to a point when no one believed in my dreams.

No one took notice of my dreams and I needed them to approve my dreams but nobody did.I had to take a step back and look more into it. I did some self introspection after getting crushed and hurt on many cases.

I've cried for nights and asked myself why I could not be like everybody,why is it hard for me to succeed then an answer came to me. I did not believe in myself. I doubted myself.

I started believing in my dreams. I believed that I can do it just like anybody else but first I have to get rid of the company I keep, get organised and ask. I started reading a lot and observing a lot. I became my own friend and Saviour.

I was not afraid and shy to ask for help but I always go with my intuition. I started being patient and accepted any kind of rejection and disapproval. I learnt from my mistakes and took well criticism.

I no longer want to explain and convince people to believe in what I dream of because we view things differently and have different perspectives in life, what I see as a diamond might appear to someone as just a stone none much other than that.

If you believe in yourself no one can ever tell you otherwise,do not be shaken but always be open to ideas.

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