I See No Future For the Young

by kingsley kaluba

We are living blind and it's hard to find a path of peace or any future with a light. Its hard to fight without a sight and many are sad without a choice, with a lower voice without a voice.

So we gain a price on every so feed your heart a word of love because our future is full of fears and our tears are dripping down.

I get to wonder why we live without a vision and a passion for the young. We've fought so many wars to end the war but worse we are lazy in the war to wrestle wrong and for how long.

The world is old and turning cold and once I stare it's getting worse. It's got me craving for the day I leave the world, I cease to breath. We are not at peace and am out of place because we will never make it for green.

So feel my grief, my soul is torn and I've got a thorn right in my heart. It's hard to nestle without hope of seeing a better future for the young.

We cling on without a vision and the love is fading out, the young are dropping topping evil without love humankind so better future looks afar.

Hunger grows and flows in hand making a lot chase for money without a thought of doing right. Kids on the streets having a glot they get to gamble, fall in trouble and have a struggle with the law.

Making more stand in a dock and linving more locked in a cell. Young are parents without hope of seeing the future light, selling out sex without a no, infecting more and taking more to early graves.

It's all life without a light.

This path has no light and it's so hard for many to see. It's really sad seeing them grow without a daddy for some guide.

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