I used to, but now

by Kalie

I used to have a family that cared about me, but now they just think I am a nobody.
I used to have many friends that I could trust, but now I only have one or two.
I used to think I had a reason to live , but now I am not sure I do.
I used to not show my feelings, but now I do.
I used to not care what people thought about me, but now I do.
I used let people walk all over me but, now I realize I need to stick up for myself.
I used to be happy, but now I am depressed.
I used to have someone that loved me but, now I don't.
I used to have a dream of what my future would be, but now I don't anymore.
I used to think I belonged, but now I think the opposite.
I used to like living, but now I just do for others.
I used to be popular, but now everyone hates me.
I used to be mean, but now I am nice.

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