If I can SEE it,then I CAN do it, If I just BELIEVE in it

by Kamy
(Cape town)

An opportunity presents itself with a bow of hopes and promises. And you know mama always said, "Go for it!". You decide to take it thinking why the heck not?And then the insecure thoughts flood in,what if I don't get it? What kind of impression will I make? How humiliating will it feel to tell others of my misfortune? Then the optimist kicks in, refreshing your thoughts with all your strengths, confidence and ambition that are hidden within you. The whole process is mystifying,nerve-wrecking and fast.It's over. Your fate is in the hands of the judges.
Who will it be?

It wasn’t me. Yes it wasn’t me. I have to repeat saying it to myself so that I may finally accept it. I won’t lie, I felt the pain and all I desired was squashed into a million little pieces and thrown away. No talent here. No personality. Not what we are looking for.
I What an unfortunate being that has no purpose and reason to be living. The thing is, is that everyone experiences these moments. They might not speak of it but they know the feeling. No one likes to lose. Everyone likes to succeed.

The question is what now?
Now you must change your perception. In actual fact you should have changed it long before the opportunity came along. You seem to forget that an opportunity serves as a chance for you to grow. Whether you get it or not there is always room for growth-small or big. Don’t be indifferent to it-accept it. Keep looking and don’t give up on yourself. You are all you have and what a wonderful opportunity it is to be someone. The future holds many more mysteries and may take you through a complete whirlwind of change and new hopes and promises. It’s never the end unless you let it be. Time moves on, the world moves on and you should too. Let go of the feelings that are not helping you reach your potential.

As cliché as it may sound-Everything really does happen for a reason. Even though you might not know the answer now, it will come some day.
It’s an EXPERIENCE which is worth remembering. It is a LESSON worth learning and keeping.

You have many talents and you can be someone great.

Everyone’s road to that point is different, the roads criss and cross or end but new ones will always begin. Nurture your strength and enhance your wisdom and become the best you can be.

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