If Someone Can Be The Best...Then YOU Can Be The Best !

by Olugbenga Stephen ASAOLU
(Ilawe, Ekiti-state, Nigeria)

When you look at some people, they seem to always get it right,
It?s as if they never make mistakes and are too exceptional beyond human comprehension
These set of people are said to have the Midas touch
They effortlessly make straight A?s if they are in academics

They get all the promotions; win all the contract bids in the workplace
They outclass their peers in every contest
They receive all the accolades, awards and collect all the trophies
Your conclusion is that... they think like a god

But like my great teacher taught me;
In order to be a member of an immaculate herd of sheep, you must first of all be a sheep.

Permit me to announce to you that this CLASS OF PEOPLE were not born like this and that they are still human beings...
They just made the DECISION that they would be nothing lesser than their BEST in life

They said to themselves... if it?s to be, it?s up to me
They vowed that never on this planet earth will anyone be better than them at whatever they do
They focus 90 percent of their strengths, time and resources on the area of their gifting
They have only two alternatives when it comes to getting results...it?s either they SUCCEED or EXCEL

They set goals and pursue it with the last drop of the blood in their veins
They exude a high level of energy that makes them UNSTOPPABLE
They are incurable optimist... 100 percent positive attitude
They only believe in two people... their GOD and what they carry on their inside
They see solutions and opportunities where every other person sees problem.

They turn their failure into manure and plant the seed of a greater vision in it
They think the BEST...Say the BEST and expect only the BEST
They replicate and adapt success principles of people that have gone ahead of them.

They have never taught of giving up and they will never give up... because they are built to last.
I?m sure you can now see that... they are just ordinary people with extraordinary determination.

Anything any man can do... you can do. Even better!

As long as you still have what God put inside you, you will be the BEST and nothing less.

Best Regards,
©Fresh Motivation International

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