If You Falter in Times of Trouble, How Small is Your Strength!

by Harvard Chinyemba
(Lusaka, Zambia)

Life is a tough journey. There are mountains to climb, valleys to pass through, rocky grounds to endure, forests to pierce through and many rivers to cross.

Sometimes, however, it gets so rosy such that you forget that there is misery, disease and death on Earth.

Somebody said,"Only the strong survive." Indeed, only those whose roots are firmly coiled in the ground can survive the torrents that sometimes throw men and women to and fro. Your faith comes face to face with reality when one blow hits after another.

Whose report do you believe when trouble strikes? Is it your poppa, mommy, gramps or uncle? Whose report would you believe when the doctor drops that bomb and tells you," I can't do anything about it?

Are you afraid something bad might happen to your life, your child or your spouse? Take heart and look up. There is a God who watches over you. He gives strength to the weak.

Wipe away your tears, raise your head and your shoulders high. Put on a smile because life is too short to carry a heavy heart.

Be strong soldier, march on until you reach your destination. There are times when you will fall down, but soldiers don't stay down forever. They may fall seven times, but they rise up again.

2010 presents news opportunities as well as a new set of hardships, but if you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength!

May God give you the desires of your heart in 2010.


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