Ingrates World

by Rosanje Adeniyi Michael
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Many are in mortuary
Whiles families are printing obituary
Their plans might even be to buy ferrari
But so soon,their end has come finally.

Many are in prisons
Lost the beauty of the seasons
Are we better than them?
If we are let out the reasons.

Many are disable
not because God is unable
But just because the devil, has put food on their table.

Many also have the dream
But lack the hand to swim
But with grace for you and I,it sooth us like a cream.

Many lives are dying,and many children crying
Though to get the best in life may only keen on trying.

But still His grace has kept us despite we're not abiding
Are we better than them? go and make some findings.

Many are just living,but truly they are dead
Also many are immobile with many years on bed
Still Alpha gives us white,despite we give Him red
Are we better than them?then let's lean on tea and bread.

Many pose wit rag,while we flaunt our designers
Even just for xmas,they wait on God,like manna
You are complaining of loss of faith and wealth?go and ask Job and Hanah
Then you will know tomorrow, will is so sweet than bama.

Many bodies in life,devil has thorn their clothes
Even on their journey,the world has sink their boats.

Is it that we are better,that God has made ours floats?
Or even just in cold,He covered us with coats!

Many walks on foot,while we flaunt on all stars
We crunch on differences dishes while a loaf of bread is what some orders.

Yes we smile wit wines,while some still begs for water
Are we better than them?tell me so I won't be bothered.

Many cry of tertiary admission
While many are even lifeless,waiting on drug prescription
Yes we might seem on eviction
But still many lack our vision
Are we a better soul?,please watch your television.

Many dreams are homeless,living in relief camps and bushes
While your so called thrash house is just their best of wishes
One meal per day to some is worth of praises
While our three times a day is not seen as grace and mercies.

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