Inner Self Perception

by Brandon Denton
(Strand, Cape Town, South Africa)

Self improvement

In today's era its hard to be self focused,in the sense of self respect,own principles and to use ones heart and mind. We all understand that we should respect the ones that raised us for they were the keepers of our souls. They taught us their ways and their rules but in ourselves we have our own guiding system that directs us in sticky situations

Self focused
Ever wondered why you feel confused its because we not focused on our own-selves.We tend to be more focused on the problems of others because we feel we can help them.Which is a good thing but don't redirect the focus that was meant for self improvement on someone else.Its not easy to focus because there's levels to focusing.You can focus on the point of focusing or on the point of achieving what you focused for.

Self respect
Self respect is one of the most precious jewels one can attain.No one likes to be disrespected anyway.Self respect allows one to notice the barriers between respect for ones self,for others and your surroundings.self respect is like an alarm when someone or somethings respect doesn't meet your level of respect the alarm goes off within yourself and its called self respect.

Own principles
Surround yourself with values and priciples that are meaningful to your self improvement.Your morals should be followed by by heart and mind and not forced on oneself because its a step by step process to uplifting one own self

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