Jesus My only Help!

by Devon Mercurious
(Kingston, Jamaica)

Jesus is our Help. David declared I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. {Psalms 27:1 }

Through out life we will have many varied type of needs and it will seem to overwhelm us sometimes, but the greatest need mankind has is the need for life.....(real life in Jesus Christ...."I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly."

But so often man seems to neglect this need and try to fill their lives with all kind of things that really doesn't satisfy this need, it will seems to satisfy temporarily, but it can never fill this need for the true and living God - and every nation seems to have created a god for themselves.

But I want to challenge you today to seek the only true and living God according to His word "There is one name given under heaven whereby men must be saved.

That name is Jesus Christ.

HE is the Prince of Peace...people want peace but not the prince of it, there is no peace without the prince of peace, just as there is no life without the "Bread of Life".

Jesus said "I am the Bread of Life"(St. John 6:35)

The Buddhist have their own god, the Hindu their gods, but I want to introduce to the God who will reveal himself to you through his word (the Holy Bible).

The only Alpha and Omega. The First and the Last. The Beginning and the end. Amen.

I know some of you may read this and not believe it but if you don't it could cost you your soul. And on the other hand if you believe it and its not as I say it is...let me rephrase that its not as God's word say it is then God would be a liar and you would be guiltless.

So both ways its a win win for you. But as the Scripture say let everyman be a liar and let God be truth Romans 3:4) "Sanctify them through thy word, thy truth"( John 17:17)

Seek God today and learn to live for him because without him there is no life at all.

"Lets run to Him" and do it now!

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