Jesus The Bread of Life

by Devon Mercurious
(Kingston, Jamaica)

Its funny People want life without the bread of life, We eat on a daily basis to sustain the natural man. But be it know to you that there is also a spiritual man to be sustained,and I know no on would deliberately eat poison unless they want to commit Suicide.

Yet on a daily Basis man fail to eat the bread of life Jesus said "I am the bread of life" eat of my flesh and live. Yet may try to find life in other things and false gods, but the truth doesn't change because some refuse to believe it.

Jesus is the only bread of life, the only way to the Father so today if you are hungry, com and eat and your soul shall live.

So whosoever is hungry let him come and eat freely from the bread of life...Because unless you eat this bread you will die eternally ...which is to say be separated from God who is life for all eternity.

"Eat and live" HE is all you will ever need. man shall live only by this bread alone"
Jesus is the Bread of Life.

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