Keep On Striving For Greatness

by Innocent Nema

I always secretly feel that everyone has a part to play in his/her generation. Yes it is a feeling that feels my entire body with this energy, that I can do anything and that I will do something great.

I believe that coming through hardships, prepares ordinary people like you and me for an extraordinary destiny and when you are fully aware that you are destined for greatness, your potential haunts you. It keeps you up at night, thinking on how best you can achieve your dreams. Your won't feel complete until you succeed.

I feel like everyone needs not to be afraid, needs to move away from ordinary ways of doing things because great things never come from comfort zones. Everyone is strong, smarter and more resilient than we can imagine. We are capable of achieving far more than we can achieve. Everyone is meant for greatness.

It only takes persistence. There is need for determination, facing our fears and doing that which is hard and necessary. I won't wait for the world to recognize my greatness, rather, I will live it and the world will catch up with me. INDEED, I WILL KEEP ON STRIVING FOR GREATNESS!!

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