Letter to the Big Vision Carrier 2

by Harvard Chinyemba
(Lusaka, Zambia.)

I thought of dropping one more before the year closes. Initially, I wanted to have a short break because I am authoring a pamphlet titled: On the Battlefield at midnight, I am doing a lot of reading. After reading " I had no Father but God", I have surfed through Cross Bones by Kathy Reich, Day of the Baboons, Steps to the Top by Zig Zigler and currently, I am reading Point Blank by Catherine Coulter.

The whole essence being that I want to acquire more knowledge and, of course, to improve my vocabulary. At the mountain summit, I will meet and dine with the great, hence this preparation.

Back to today's area of discussion.
During this festive season, there is a hype of activities taking place in most parts of the world.

Don't know about where you live, but around these parts, this is the time for 'chicken pruning'. This is the time when even those who are financed on a shoestring get to treat their taste buds with some thick soup.

People's faces shine as though poverty was a thing of the past. Folks drink to the brim and are even ready to spend their last penny this time of the year. Some even don't know why and how we should celebrate this season but they do it anyway. Why being left out when everyone else is doing it? Madness!

But come January, hunger strikes and we begin the circle all over again! Faces drop like a landslide.

I have made one point clear to my soul; If I have few resources, I won't join the bandwagon, period.I mean, why should I join everyone else in some of these things when I know pretty well that, come next year, them kids will hit me hard with this and that request to keep their school places?

So, if I do not have enough money, I will rejoice with my heart and not with my pocket! Please quote me right, if you can, go on. Treat yourself and your family to some big party. Besides, God has brought you this far. Many have fallen by the wayside.A nd perhaps you are the last man standing in your family, you need to be grateful to God that you are alive.

I don't want to bore with too many words today.Here is one thing I want to give you. Something that will significantly change your life.

Do you find yourself buying something which you initially did not plan for? Do you often feel an unusual force trying to pull you into getting something on credit even if you don't know where the money will come from?

Wait a minute. You might be operating under the influence of the spirit of lust. Genesis 3:6," And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her: and he did eat".

The above passage teaches us one thing: All along they (Adam and Eve )used to pass through this particular tree, but all of a sudden, lust slouched in unnoticed and they began to look at it in a different way.

It became pleasant to the eyes of Mrs. Adam. How many cars, clothes etc, look pleasant to your eyes? People blindly buy these thing and they end up living miserable lives. God made everything beautiful in its time. When your time comes, you will be able to have everything you need.

My wife recently came with home theatres from across the border for sale. I nearly impounded one for our small sitting room, but I draggingly let go of it because I conceded that time will come, probably in the near future when the roof of my house will be warbling as a result of the sound being vomited by that little gadget.

No matter how you amass wealth. No matter how persistent and courageous you are in building up your business, you won't reach anywhere near true success if you are not disciplined in the area of finances.

I have never come across a very successful person who is at the same time very careless in the way he/she handles money.

Have a goal and run towards it. This also means that, if need arises, you will have to tie a rope around your stomach, just to make sure you accomplish that which you have purposed upon your heart.

I wish you a very successful next year.

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