Letter to the Big Vision Carrier - Part 3

by Harvard Chinyemba

One more!!!
Great many thanks to the following for having taken some time to comment on my articles; Dr.Moses Simuyemba. You are really an inspiration to this generation. A million thanks for according us a rare opportunity to encourage and be encouraged through this site.

Ba Ben Msiska, Ba Herman Mkandawire, Ba Tamara wesu and everyone who has surfed through my articles but did not have time to comment, hats off guys!!!

Down to business.
In the last two parts of letter to the big vision carrier, I highlighted the following; Making decisions not without prayer. We surely need God's hand if we are to succeed in everything we endeavor to do.

Man has been given an opportunity to plan but the answer comes from God. We also said your vision is yours alone. Men will come from all directions to act as midwives to help you give birth to your vision.

They will come with different motives. Some will try to marsh your vision with their limited thinking, but you must have the final say. You must, however be a very good listener because a great piece of advice may come from the most despised lips.

These first two points are the foundation of what I am about to share, but let's go on for a while.
We talked about being mindful of who we want to get married to because some spouses are the number one pull-me-downs. As for those who are already married, help each other to achieve your individual dreams bearing in mind the fact that death comes like a thief. Many a woman end up on the streets trying to make ends meet because before the husband died, he used to be jealous and so he could not allow the wife to work let alone do business.

We also discussed downloading your vision into your children for continuity's sake. And lastly we talked about dealing with lust of the eyes.

Today I want to take you down the road to an altogether exciting discussion. Choosing a team of people to make your vision come true. Our discussion is not near Degrees in this or that but character; The thing that make us,us.

One of the many reasons Jesus Christ succeeded in accomplishing his mission on planet earth is that he knew the heart of man. Man is a very complicated machine with a dangerous heart hence we must be very careful and commit ourselves to prayer because only God knows the turbines of this machine called man.

Man at one time wanted to make Jesus a king while the other, schemed evil against him. At one time he says he would die with him, but later denies him three times. But Jesus had a way of escaping from some of those traps. So, that is man for you. Today he says this,tomorrow he is something else.

Choosing leaders is very delicate because it determines the destiny of your vision. Do not be overtaken by the outlook but the potential inside.
Here are some animal characteristics in man which you need to lookout for as you choose your team of leaders;

(1) LION- these are leaders who scare juniors as well as clients. When this leader shows up, the atmosphere turns sour. You say not clients? Yes, I know of one senior manager in a certain reputable organization. I will not mention his name because he might be your uncle lest I be kicked.

This man says anything that comes into his head including to clients, and do you know the resultant effect? The name of the company is dented because of this one man.

(2) RHINO- these are fire quenchers.Whenever they see commitment and zeal in someone junior to them,they try by all means to pull them down.

(3) ELEPHANT-These are leaders who stand on other people's way,and they might stand on yours too. They do not want you to succeed. They may also stand in the way of their juniors. The moment the junior begins to do better than them, they change him to another department or worse still come up with some well cottoned up lie so that he/she is fired.

(4)TORTOISE - A little pressure, and these hide. They work properly when the environment is conducive for them but if the company is on the verge of collapse they shrink back.

(5) CAMELLEON - these are people who want to please both sides. They can not object to a point when it is in their power to do so. They contribute to whatever is being said about their fellow leader/s while at the same time report bad things about juniors to the leadership. These have not stand of their own, they suit anywhere.

(6) MONKEY - these are not down to earth. They do not normally face the reality of something, but they arrive at decisions which are nowhere near being accomplished.

(7) GIRAFFE - These are people who look down on others. They think their idea is the best.

(8) SNAKE - These pretend to agree and support you. They will seem to be very loyal to you. But just when you turn to leave, they smite with their long fangs.

(8)PIG - These believe every report taken to them and they act there and then. But as a leader,you need to be able to sieve what you hear.
With these few words, I end here.Merry Christmas and Properous New Year!!!!!


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