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A little child, 3 years to be my greatest inspiration! My life lesson was so strange & it came at a time I least expected it.

I was lying down in my bedroom, grieving over my numerous problems & trying to think of a 101 solutions to my problems, to make it worse I was concentrating more on the problems at hand than the solution itself.

Eventually I started thinking of how, if ever, there was a way out of my misery....& almost in tears I fell into the routine of wallowing in self pity. Then at that very moment, just when tears were about to start rolling down my cheeks, my 3 year old nephew walks in my room humming an obviously made up song.

He stops & looks in my direction trying to see if I’m asleep or awake. Now the thing is I own a key holder with the famous cartoon character Ben 10 & I have placed all my important keys on that key holder!

So I, knowing how many times I had misplaced my keys for obvious reasons, decided to put them above a painting in my bedroom where my nephew & his gang would not have access to them, good for me I had never misplaced them ever since.

So back to my nephew entering my room, I decided to totally ignore him, because I really wasn't feeling up to date for any of his questions & games etc...& considering that I had done a good job in depressing myself. I didn’t want anyone to spoil the negative emotions I had acquired!

So I decided to close my eyes & keep quiet, so that he would be out of my room in a few minutes considering that he would have no one to talk to.

Anyway to my surprise I heard a thumping sound as my nephew was trying to reach for the keyholder, he was literally jumping up & down hoping to jump high enough to get hold of Ben 10. So I got up irritated with the jumping up & down & I asked him to leave.

In a rather harsh voice & I told him I was trying to get some sleep. So he left & everything was quiet again. Eventually I did manage to doze off a bit, until I was rudely interrupted a few seconds later by a loud jumping up & down sound.

But this time I decided to watch him, because I got a bit curious after shouting at him that way & he still decided to come back!

Well, so he continued jumping for a little while until he was out of breath, then he stopped. I obviously felt sorry for him because I was sure he would not reach the keys no matter how high he tried jumping! I was glad he had given up, that meant peace & quiet on my side!

So he eventually left my room, he came back a few minutes later with his cup of juice, I then thought he must have worn himself out from the jumping, he`s actually thirsty.

So he starts gazing at the key holder whilst sipping his drink, so now I start getting really curious to what is going through his little head, at this point he thinks I'm asleep, so he places his cup on the floor & heads for the key holder & he starts jumping all over again.

It shocks me - why in the world would he think he will manage to get hold of the key holder? I obviously start feeling guilty at this point, because it's just a key holder I could hand it to him, otherwise he will keep jumping till he is worn out.

Just as I decide to get up & give it to him he stops jumping, so I retrieve that thought to see what he will do next, he keeps still for a while, & runs across the room to the stool near my dressing table & starts dragging it across the room till he places it in alignment with the key holder.

To my surprise he climbs on it & yes he gets my key holder & keys, separates the keys from the key holder, & yes separates my keys, puts them back, where there were placed before, & then gets down from the stool places the key holder next to his cup drags the stool back to the dressing table, picks up Ben 10 & dashes out of the room.

I was totally stunned, this took him about 45 minutes & he never gave up not even for 1 second...he just didn't give up until he got what he wanted no matter how long it would take him to get it, because he simply had made up his mind & was going to play with Ben 10, no matter what, & he did just that.

I learnt from my nephew that when you persist & decide exactly what you want, the answer will come eventually; in fact the answer was right in front of him all that time.

If after a few jumps he had walked out of my room he was not going to be able to get the key holder.

That was my life lesson; never give up no matter what. The solution is always there no matter how difficult the situation may seem at first.

No wonder Jesus taught us to be like a little child....

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