Look beyond Mirror

by Awaaz

Every individual is unique in itself. Some have good skills and knowledge, others know how to live the life fully. In the journey of the life, several routes come, that distract us and lead us to a wrong path.
Yesterday, I read one article about inferiority complex, and challenges people face due to insecurities. Inferiority is a state of condition where a person believes that he is not good enough and always compared himself to others.

It leads anxiety and depression, and makes life a struggle. The chances of social withdrawl for the society is also very high.
'Life is a race, if you do not run, you will be fail'; its a dialogue of 3 idiots movie. the line tries to bestow a strong message and provides a space of introspection.

There is nothing wrong , if you feel inferior from others, as a human beings, it realises us we are live and gives us the room of self improvement.

At the same time, it also has some negative consequences when feeling of insecurities consume the mind completely and individual starts losing its conscious and enter into a differently world where anxiety and depression become the companion of the individual.

This topic is least discussed in the society, it's imperative to have a discourse on this and awareness has to be created and open discussion is required on this topic.

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