by @BryanRibuthu


Competition is good especially in sports it motivates athletes to push through their limits and enable them to compete at their peak. The only thought in an athletes mind when he or she is competing is to become the best, become number one or out play the competition.

Since the athlete is competing with others so he or she must make sure that he does his best to become number one. Be it through training harder, being more motivated or learning about the competition and their strategy and out the competition inorder to be number one.I believe inorder to succeed in sports you must understand you have competition and you acknowledge their existence inorder for you to prepare accordingly through extensive training and preparation both physically and mentally.

But you see people compete in life like everything they do is an opportunity for you to win "something". You see people compete today are competing on the basis of who has the best phone, the best car, the best house, the best everything. All this competition breeds jealousy and hate you see there is good and bad competition and all have results depending on which kind of competition your involved in.

Look in the mirror thats the only competition that's worth your time and energy for you to focus all our might on. Don't be in competition with others it will only block your creative flow. Be you do you, you don't need to be someone else or comete with other you are unique and special creation there is no other person who has the same gifts and talents as you do even if you have a twin.

In conclusion i have to confess many a times am constantly trying to be better than the next person.But am coming to terms and in the process of accepting myself and all my flaws so that i may enjoy MY life. Life is short don't be constantly in a race and competing life is much more than competing.

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