by Mogammad Rossier
(Cape Town, South Africa)


Love is the song of the Universe!!!
When we love life, life loves us back.
When we love others, they love us back.
When we love ourselves then we become renew.
We change the way we used to be viewed.
Looking forward to each day,
to be able to live it in a better way.
Taking on all life’s challenges with Faith and Courage,
enables us to unlock inner knowledge.
remembering that we are on a Journey from our Source to our Source.
As every Journey needs navigation, God sends us a Teacher, a Guide, an Inspiration.
He opens the door and shows us the way,
If we follow His instructions we will be
Successful at the end of the day.
We say Thank You Lord for our Teacher, our Guide, our Inspiration, who daily gives us Courage, Strength and Motivation.
He has taught us always to introspect and reflect,
with this we learn the principle of Self Respect.
Teaching us how to show Compassion and Care
This in todays’ life is very Rare.
We become beacons of Hope who spread
Llight from His Light.
Who burns like candles and turns Darkness into Light that Shines so Bright.
We have now found our Purpose in Life and that is Life that serves Humanity.
We no longer make the same mistakes,
We are Free from our Insanity.
We Thank You God for showing us how to Love, for we know that this is Your Blessing from Above!!
Done by M. Rossier

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