My Destiny Is Possible

No matter where I am my dreams are valid. I believe that within me is strength, patience and passion to reach for the stars and to change the world. I believe the future belongs to anyone who believes in the beauty of his/her dreams. Over the years from high school I have learnt that dreams are not fashioned from the desk. Engaging in practical activities no matter how small the activity is will make a difference.

With this in mind I now believe that my dreams will only come true if I keep on having the courage to pursue them. I don't want to cease dreaming because once I do that that's the end of my life.

I know I am everything that I want to be. I am destined for greatness. I am the strange fruit that will grow to ripe the poplar tree. I am a dreamer. I will keep on moving, I won't allow my past to ruin my destine, even my weakness to banish my dreams. I believe my name has a great meaning in me. I believe not any barrier will make me feel guilt or offended to my destine.

I will climb up and grab my God given destine. I will keep climbing and to light up the world with my luminous allure. I believe I wasn't born to be ordinary. I was born to give a difference, to live a mark as I crash into everything.

Like a crater which reminds us that something amazing happened, I believe I can do whatever I have been dreaming about in my life. I have something inside of me which keeps on telling me, ''YES YOU CAN, YOU HAVE A BETTER DESTINE WAITING FOR YOU".

I belong to the stars. I belong among the stars and so is everyone. I know I can inspire galaxies of greatness for generations to come. To me, sky is not the limit, it is only the beginning. For He knows the plans that he have for me, they are plans for good and not for evil, to give me a future and a hope.

I will delight in the Lord and I am of great confident that He will surely give me the desires of my heart............YES....I'M DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!!!

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