My Struggle For Success

by Siraj Khan

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I am siraj khan. I am 18. My education qualification is 12th pass. I am completed it form Uttar pradesh. I wanna to be good advise..........,
first of all I would like to tell you all
Whatever we think. We become that.
That's why think positive.
I want to learn more than more. Because I have to do something in my life.. every day I asked with my self three questions....
1--- who I am?????
2--- What I will do in my life????
3--- why I born?????.
Then my life replies me that
Who are you??? Listen( you are simple man. Nothing you are now... but you can success. For that you have to do struggle more to less your lack. To improve your confident, to learning power, to grasping power, to understanding power, to make your communication skill, to be great... etc
& 2nd replies me that....
That replied was simple. It was, whatever you think you become that so make yourself positive thinker....
You might have heard that for doing any work, or any thing first of all we think after that we take action or we do that....
After listening I was happy.. it given me one more example that was, siraj khan I might have seen.... when A baby lean walking at that time he falls down number of time on earth. But he don't stop waking continue he walkes. After some day he walkes very easily. running also. so for complete any thing we have to struggle with positive thinking..

3---- third was that.... why I born???
( my life told me that you dorn for this only. You are deserve for success. Every one also... you can change yourself.

I love my life. It's taught me, how to love yourself. And how to make yourself..

I have one thought for you, that is
" Don't become job seeker,
Always become job created, "

" be smart but
Don't be over smart"
" always happy whatever
You have ",

" dream is not what you see
In night. It's something
Does not let you sleep"

Thanks u all

You lovely
Siraj khan

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