No Time For Karma

by Gary
(Adelaide, Australia)

As is the usual story, I had reached a sigificant low point in my life where nothing in it had any value any more. I could care less to live or die, all the same (not relly keen on the pain bit though).

Well I was led to a small program which I loaded on my pc and it was like a core of all the books, tapes, etc. to follow. What it did was offer me an alternative to feeling so completely down every day.

I chose a new way of looking at things and realised that I neede to change for change to come and value return to my life.

As if led by the nose I cam across No Time For Karma by Paxton Robbie and that was it. I could never go back to the way it was. Nothing could be viewed in the same way, I was no longer a victim of circumstance but the master of them.

From this point on, I was led on a chaotic journey of "awakening" to the true nature of Life, The Universe and Everything (the answer is unity not 42, but that's another story).

I crossed the path of The Silva Method, David Cameron (A Happy Pocket Full Of Money)and on to Abraham, Neale Donald Walsch, The Secret, What the Bleep Do We Know, Ramtha, all the golden oldies, Hannal, Adams, Brehand, Hill, on and on.

Where has it all led? Well, I'm not rich but I am abundant.

My health has returned, my relationships have never been closer or menat so much to me. I have all that I need for a comfortable life.

Where will I go? The only limits are those I invent for myself, "What you can conceive, you can achieve". So, when I discipline myself, I can reach any height. Namaste.

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