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Mar 20, 2009
by: Isaac

It's nice a thing to read other people's contribution that will help me and any other person to achieve all they can be in life. To realise our pontential and use it to the fullest of our capacity because the sky is not the limit and it will never be, for as long as we live this life which is full of challenges but they should not be our obstacles but instead as a way finding a solution.

Mar 19, 2009
See what you see
by: Wiyanto, Indonesia

You know, if a man can achieve a goal or he could done his task that is not because his luck but he did some homework and when a chance come, he grab it and do it well. That's we call success.

Those who don't know what we did before will think we are lucky and don't agree with our achievement. That's all are in their mind. For us, why we should care about how they looking at you?

Do your homework again and again, and when chances comes again, you will achieve another success.

Best and good luck for you.


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