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Jul 01, 2008
Abundance of Wealth
by: Moses

In my tracels around Zambia I am always amazed by two things.

The first is how much rich land and natural resources we have. The second is how little use we make of it.

You are right, we are too focused on being in the cities rather than seeing the "acres of diamonds" we have in our own back yards called "the village."

That is where the real wealth of this country lies. That is where we need to focus rather than crowding ourselves in the cities.

The recent developments in the mining industry are a testimony to that. Imagine how many chiefs had sat on such rich land for so long, only to have it exploited by foreigners. The wealth was there all along. They jsut did not see it, neither did they know how to exploit it when they did see it.

That is an example of success being when "opportunity meets preparedness." In this case we as a people were unprepared to exploit our own resources. We haven't developed our industries and expertise well enough. If we do not wake up and start preparing ourselves we will always be exploited.

Thanks for the article.

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