Our Time is Now

by kingsley kaluba

Good morning. It is an honor for me to be here and to speak to everyone of you. I am deeply grateful for the welcome that I've received. our countries history has shown how we can rise to the skies and attain our dreams , and I am proud that this is my first time to stand before a multitude of people

I am speaking to you after a long thought and contemplation . I started from the homeless,the happily well to do and the rich.one thing that i have seen all of us having in common is reluctance to archive Gods intended purpose for us.

Alot has happened in the past decades and our parents who were youths at that time forded their arms and looked somewhere.today we are faced with a critical situation were if left unchecked or attended to,then we are building something that our children will blame us for.

Teen abortion,young mothers,high levers of HIV infected youths,incest,underage drinking,exposure to pornography and unprotected sexual acts have not only become rampant but a normal routine because most of our young brothers who are been raised now have found these in our communities.

Things that could have not only been avoided but clashed so that they could not have an impact on the next generation.many of us here have a history of been abused in homes,rape victims from people closely related to us and many other filthy things that we prefer keeping in our darkest corners of our hearts.

The question is what are we doing to make sure our young brothers and sisters don't endure such.our time to make things right is now,lets fight and make sure we this country better than we found it by moving an extra mile.we can do it because now is the time.thank you,God bless you.

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