Positive Thinking/Self Improvement

by nkosinathi

Im a twenty year old boy who's dream is to become a successful young motivational speaker. I've actually been to primary school's to talk to grade 7's about life choices, I enjoy it very much. People have actually laughed in my face when I told them what I'm doing and passionate about. My response, I smiled and said "thank you for fueling my passion even more " At first I was abit ashamed to actually tell people what I'm starting to do, I said to myself hold on, what is the point of doing it, if u ashamed? I prayed about it, meditated, seeked deeper to find who I am and my purpose, it finally clicked, this is me! Wheather you coming with me or not, I am not backing out. That is when I thought of this quote, "be real or live in misery" this site has also inspired me even mre than I already am. My motto is "I dnt believe the sky is the limit, I believe the galaxy is way cooler. Reach for greater heights, I can and I will. Nkosinathi is my name. This site is just too amazing!!

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