by Sally Ten
(Xiamen, China)

I didn't write the author or publisher because the content and the influence it brought to me are more impressive than that and unfortunately the book is not by my hand though I would love to read it all over again.

I still would say until today that I wouldn't be me if I hadn't read this book: Potential. For a so very pressured Chinese student who was going to take the national exam back time, which there would be no way out if failed it, spiritual support was in desparate need.

It was like I grasped a helping hand that should've come by long ago. It changed my world. I never knew what is positive thinking, what is inner voice, or what is willpower. But this book saved me, from my pessimistic attitude, the burden of my mind and the hustling and bustling of the outside world.

I established my faith and have been following it since I read the whole book, I believe that's the main reason I got into the university I wanted to go to and I always listen to my heart when making a decision.

I started to love myself and my life after Potential. And like mentioned in the book, we are capable of more things than we think.

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