Saying to the Devil Enough is Enough

by Darlene
(Melbourne, Victoria)

I believe God has given us the ability to triumph over 'bad luck' and all the bad things that life throws our way. I have been a victim of a great deal of such that one time I just said devil, enough!

Before I came to Australia, I worked for an NGO for over 4 years until we had a female boss take over. It was hell. I had the toughest time at work and I thought, God you must be telling me something am just not reading the writing on the wall correctly.

I mean, it was time for me to fulfil my dream of furthering my studies and being someone in society but I needed a person like my tyrant female boss to make me move on. Sometimes we become so comfortable in life that our dreams just die because our comfort zone has made it impossible for us to see beyond.

Well, after what I call enough torture I resigned and persued my interest to go overseas and study. I came to Australia in July, 2007 and I must say it has been an eye opener for me.

I am in a class of international students, no Aussies and I have discovered potential I never thought I had. Sometimes, you have to move out of an environment and see what you can do.

My friends and teachers call me a natural orator, I have never thought myself such. In fact I do not believe it when they do, I just feel they must be mistaken. Lately, though I have been taking it in and I feel if they think that I am such a good public speaker, maybe I should venture into such.

God can use you even in a foreign country and although I long to come back home and shop at Soweto, Kamwala and Chilenje markets, I will use this new found talent and inspire a few people.

Nobody in Zambia told me I was a good speaker and if I did not leave, I would not have known this. So I thank God for all the negative inflence in months before I travelled. They have made me realise a gift I could have lost.

My point is be wise and listen from God at all times. sometimes a blessing may come in form of tragedy. Infact some wise person once said "sometimes, bad news is really an opportunity in disguise."

I made my bad news an apportunity. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you go overseas or something but there must be another way of realising your opportunities.

Love all

Melbourne, Victoria

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