Self Motivation For Your Dreams

by Usman
(Peshawar, Pakistan)

I have some motivation words here especially for the marketing people.

"We know about the green house effect or some decorated plants in office or some where else - that plants can never grow their roots along the surface and they are even not grown up towards sky.”

See the open air plants, trees etc, they grow up towards the sky, but they have stronger roots under the surface.

The same is true in the marketing world for marketing people. Whenever a marketing person is active in the market and updates himself about the market, his income level will go higher and higher, and also his personal relationships in the market are just like the plant’s roots. The reverse is true for the non-active marketing person.

Everyone in this world has some dreams, some vision in their life and I noticed that when a person achieves his dreams and his goals, he is a proper planner and a self-motivated person.

Some times in life we are really very disappointed by our friends, family members and people surrounding us, and that disappointment is just that of our dreams which we actually want to achieve.

Who will help us? Who will be with us? In that time only we can help ourselves by self motivation.

There are many articles on self motivation and self-development just to help one to become a self-made person in the society.

Once you decided to fulfill your dreams never think about people and just do it.

Good Luck!

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Mar 30, 2009
Grow Deep Roots for Success
by: Moses

I love your article. I like the idea of growing roots like a plant in order to be successful, especially in the mafrketing area - prospecting and "keeping the sales funnel full" can be said to be part of growing those deep roots.

All the best, Usman.

Mar 30, 2009
Dreams are Marketing's Soul
by: Wiyanto, Indonesia

What a beautiful illustrations for marketmania.
5 stars for your content Mr Usman.

I agree that peoples have to go outside in order to get more chances. Chances never come to knock your door and ask you to grab it.

I do life insurance agent and I see a lot of success insurance agents seldom stay indoor. They go out from 9 am after finishing office rutine work and come back again on 4 PM and they usually back to office in the next day.

They reached their success like a outdoor plant, live to get more space and grow as high as possible. To be success than before is their goal and dreams are their motivation.

So, dream a big dream and fight like a champion to reach it. There is a proverb said; Aim the stars, even if you miss you still got the moon.

Dream it and when you wake up, don't forget to pursue them.

Good luck.


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