Self Motivation Quote Collection

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self motivation quote. Dr Moses SimuyembaPigeon captured in Cape Town, South Africa.

This self motivation quote collection is a compilation of some of my favourite passages from motivational newspaper articles that I have written over the years. They carry the core message of those articles, which I hope will be a source of encouragement to you:

If you need to quote these anywhere, please be sure to attribute to "Dr Moses Simuyemba".

Self Motivation Quote

  • “Work consistently but patiently. Know how you will get by on the way to achieving your dreams. The important thing is that you never lose sight of your dreams and never give up on them.”
  • “You should always know that things will work out in the end, but realise that it is you that is going to make them work out in the end. Therefore, things will not work out without your intervention.”
  • “Be willing to make mistakes, hold unconventional or unpopular positions, never be afraid to take on a challenge, always keep focused on your dreams and do whatever it takes to achieve them.”
  • “The very nature of life requires risk taking. A small child would never learn to walk, talk, or socially interact without taking risks, experiencing successes and failures, and then adjusting accordingly.”
  • “Before you jump into anything always understand what you stand to lose and ensure that it is outweighed by what you stand to gain.”
  • "The more people you can be of service to, the more successful you can be."
  • "Rarely do people think of doing something that is beyond their ability to attain it. As the saying goes, if you can think it, you can achieve it. Our minds seem to have a self regulating mechanism in this respect – you will never truly desire something that is beyond your subconscious assessment of your own ability to achieve it."
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self motivation quote. Dr Moses SimuyembaWooden giraffe with broken ears on my front porch.
  • “Action is important for self-confidence to develop. With every small success you will be learning to take bigger and better risks.”
  • “It is a fact of life that despite all your best efforts at planning, strategizing and being careful not to make mistakes some things will go wrong sometimes.”
  • “Your attitude when things go wrong is ultimately more important than the event itself and is what will determine if the outcome will be positive or negative.”
  • “A positive attitude can be learnt and developed. It is a matter of choice. You can make the choice, whenever faced with a difficulty to look at it from an optimistic point of view rather than a pessimistic one.”
  • “Every day you do not change is another day you kill the person you could become.”
  • “Time does not change things. We do.”
  • "People who really impact the world, live fulfilled lives or change things are people who had big challenges to overcome. They are people that had huge mountains to climb and were really focused and determined to climb those mountains."

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