The Seven Hidden Secrets of Motivation

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I had heard a lot about the Seven Hidden Secrets of Motivation before I finally got the courage to buy it. I usually shy away from titles with numbers because I don’t believe it is really possible for anyone to condense issues of success into a number of magic formula steps. What’s worse is I usually don’t buy titles with “secret” in them as this is usually just a marketing gimmick to get you to buy something.

But in this particular case curiosity got the better of me. I bought the audio version of the course. When I got it I thought I probably would not learn anything new and would regret the 15 dollars I spent on it. But, fortunately, I was proven very wrong. I learnt a lot of new things and really got some practical self motivation tips.

An overview of The Seven Hidden Secrets of Motivation

Title: The Seven Hidden Secrets of Motivation
Total audio length: 6 hours 25 minutes (Unabridged)
Publisher : Gildan Media Corp
Author: Todd Beeler
Narrator: Todd Beeler
Format: Encoded Windows Media

“Maximum motivation in minimum time” is the whole essence of the course. Todd Beeler takes a very unique approach with this course. He has drawn on the latest findings on motivation from over 100 researchers to develop this program.

His objective in The Seven Hidden Secrets of Motivation was to take research that has been done by scientists in the area of motivation and bring it to a level where it can be understood and applied by everyone in their every day life. He makes a real effort to back up everything he says with scientific proof. This is something that is very lacking with a lot of motivational material out there.

One other thing I have found with reading motivational material is that at times it all seems very disjointed. There are so many pieces to the puzzle – goal setting, mission and vision statements, positive thinking, affirmations, and so on and so forth. How do they all fit together?

This course makes a very good attempt to put the full picture of motivation into perspective and show how all the pieces come together. It does this in a rather simplistic way but, as I have found by experience, the greatest truths are usually the simplest truths.

There is truly a whole lot to be learnt and some of the conclusions are actually quite surprising, but very true when you really think about it. Each chapter ends with very practical exercises that get you to put things into your won perspective. This helps to really see how you can use the principles outlined to sort out your own motivation issues and improve yourself.

Favourite quote:

“The biggest problem you have is that you don’t have a bigger problem facing you right now.”

When the truth of this statement was explained I was really amazed. It struck a chord. The best way to really be motivated is to have a bigger problem to focus on outside of your own personal stuff.

On the downside:

Chapter two of the The Seven Hidden Secrets of Motivation does not have a very good introduction and start. Unlike the other chapters which have a clear title right at the beginning. This makes it difficult to get a quick grasp of what that chapter is about and so makes understanding the content slightly harder because you have to search for the ultimate message of the chapter.

I had to go back several times to try and understand exactly what the chapter was about.

Overall rating:Very good. Definitely worth far more than what it costs in practical sense and potential to really make a big difference to our lives.

But… as with all things, the ultimate value is really up to you. The greatest motivational course on earth is useless without your full participation and action.

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