So What Does Your Life Consist Of?

by Idit

State is a predatory organism, created in the name of the man by man enslavement. And when you realize that, the sand begins to pour out of your pants, but you do not need anything except a morning mug of beer in order to relieve the headache.

And you're walking down the street, peering into the faces of passers-by, on whose freedom you have raved about some fifteen or twenty years ago. Why do they need this freedom? They are happy in their idiocy to live in anticipation of the next payday or prepayment.

They have everything planned out in advance. This year they will change the furniture, and the next will take the car to the whole family to travel to the country.

You don't understand their haste in the morning, when you're tired of sleep, went out to breathe clean air in a nearby city park, and they run to their damn job. They need MONEY.

They all dream that one day (suddenly!) the bag of money will fall down from the sky and they will not have to go to the hated work, stupidly keep idle chatter with their colleagues and listening to dull observations of the boss. And all in this country is arranged that way? Dreams are not forbidden, but you mustn't break a schedule.

TV A man's best friend, a reliable substitute for live communication. A state television runs his dumb herd, manipulates the consciousness of the human masses.

Everything what a "friend" TV says, is very similar to the truth and therefore naive man in the street is ought to do what it says. People are tired in their apartment after work, snuggled to blue screens in anticipation of change. But the changes won't occur. This I know for sure. At least until we begin doing something.

You mustn't be afraid of showing your thoughts! You're a human like everybody. So why should you be a slave for another man? You must fight for your life and show that you are better than anyone else!

Their thinking has already stopped, but yours hasn't.

Do you wish to keep suffering from your miserable life or feel yourself free?

I know what you'd answer.

So what are you waiting for? Release yourself! Be active! Fight! Only fighting we'll be able to change this system as this is a real WAR!

I wish you to be strong and brave!

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