Something about me

by Raajeysh
(Solapur, Maharashtra, India)

We know what to do but we don’t do what we know..!

Many of you might have thought for a while that this is what generally happens with us. In fact, I am the victim of this saying. Let me introduce you about this victim.

I am Raajeysh Bolli who lives in semi-metro city named Sholapur which is in Maharashtra. I have been post graduated in and a CA Finalist. I have been the member of CACLUBINDIA since one year, it seems. Something had been bothering me for few months that I ought to write something on CACLUBINDIA. And here I have tried being gritty to write something about ME and my THOUGHTS.

At the inception, let me be frank by letting you know that I didn’t want to become a Chartered Accountant in my life. I’ve studied till 12th in Marathi Medium in a school about which every one of my relatives and college friends barely knows. (It was not a reputed school or didn’t have the competent faculties).

Whenever I had to go to any functions of any relatives, some of my maternal uncles and others used to ask me, “Raju, which school do you go to?” and I used to reply “Matoshri Malanbai Apparao Kasture High School.” They would get wrinkles on their forehead. However, I was, am and will always be grateful to my School and especially to my beloved English Teacher Aaradhye Madam who made me being fond of English Language. I’ll tell you how.

As I was from a poor Telugu Family, I would neither carry Tiffin Box to school nor any change ( 1 or 2 Rupees) to have some chocolates and other stuff to eat during the recess. I still remember I used to stand grabbing the window and gazing outside. All friends used to go to shops and have their favorite chocolates. I would feel miserable for being born in poor family.

Aaradhye madam and other staff used to have their breakfast in our class. She once called me and asked me to sit beside them. “He is a meritorious boy. He is one of my favorite students.” She was giving me a token of appraisal in front of other teachers by cuddling me.

I felt bit exhilarating. Next minute she asked me to have some CHIKKI’s from their Dibbas. I was hesitating and finally picked up one CHIKKI by trembling and I went near the class door and started crunching the CHIKKI with my teeth. The next day I also stood at window and she realized that I don’t bring Tiffin and I don’t have change either.

I think, she might have had a plan for me. She called me anew and deliberately asked to bring some CHIKKI’s for us and gave me Rs. 5/-. I did bring them and she broke a piece of it and gave it to me. This time I didn’t tremble because I knew that she will definitely give me. I didn’t understand then why did she ask me to bring CHIKKIS and gave me a piece of it. I do understand now, she was doing it cause she knew that I was poor and get an appetite every day.

The next day, what she did was amazing. She used to give us some vocabulary words to by heart and she used to ask them the next day. The bell rang and I was elated for madam to come. We all stood up and said “Good Morning Teacher.” (recalling those lovely and memorable days).

After a few seconds the bustle was gone and the class became quiescent. I was eagerly waiting for Madam to ask about yesterday’s vocabulary. And she asked, “So, who is going to recite the words first.” My hand went up within no time and mine was the only one hand which was up.

I started reciting those 10 words rapidly and was done with it within half minute. She uttered,” Veryyyyy Goood, Raajeysh. Come here, I have got a chocolate for you.” After hearing this my happiness knew no bonds. I budged from bench went to her and stood beside her.

She was letting her hand be on my shoulder and started praising me. Since that day, I had been trying to improve my vocabulary merely to get the chocolate to satiate my appetite during the recess rather than to learn the English.
(I beg your pardon because somewhere I felt like bragging let me be frank..!)

I would continue writing further incidents if this gets the good response. There is lot more to write about my journey towards CA Course so far. Let me know and correct if you have any objections, suggestions about this article as this is the first time ever in my life that I’ve written something on Internet. Hoping for your favorable responses.

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Aug 08, 2018
Great article
by: Anmol Nathani

Well done...keep writing...
Also it was inspiring to hear your story.

Jun 20, 2015
Effort is does not west
by: Pratik

Dear friend,

I am glad to say that, you have wrote of your experience in your life "You have remember the moment with the teacher" that's hats of you.

But frnd ur effort is showing to you success way.

I am proudly say to other frnds - Rajesh Bolli is my frnd.

What u have achived that is being a part of a poor family

Jun 20, 2015
must read all of u
by: Anonymous

Its vry nice story abt ur life i really liked it ur way of express .....keep it up

Jun 20, 2015
Without such experience....
by: Festus

Without such experience, nothing will be lyk story to tell. D story to tell differs, either superstory or vice-versa. Thank God for ur life sir.

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