Spiritual Life is Essential for Personal Growth

by Katrin De Ocampo

What first comes to mind when you think about personal and professional success? Is it responsibility, money, influence or growth? There is nothing erroneous with these things, but there is something even more essential that needs to come before we can accomplish all these things, a healthy spiritual life.
Your spirituality is about more than what you need to achieve or how you need to grow. It is about who you are. Your spiritual life will determine your character, your point of view, and how you identify with the world. Before moving on to make personal achievement and growth, you must initially understand the value of nourishing your spirit. So how do you sustain your spirit? It's an everyday choice.
Explore more of who God is and how He made you is an incredible way to understanding who you are. We do that in a couple of ways:

• Read God’s Word.
If we devour junk, we feel like junk. It is alike with our spiritual life. Nourishing our souls with God’s promises gives us aspiration. Hope in the fact that we are important, loved, and that we can change ourselves.

• Talk to God day by day.

Having a conversation with God is an extraordinary way to nourish your soul and set your mind on what He can provide instead of trying to strive for it yourself. Are you baffling? Flourishing? Struggling? Align your viewpoint with God’s as you converse with your Creator.

• Talk to yourself well.
In an article on omdating.com, author Jill Crosby said “When you silence your mind and connect with the present moment you connect with the vast intelligence/power of your higher self or Divine presence, which is always there, waiting for you to connect with and integrate into your physical self experiencing this reality. And it is that power which has the true ability to transform your life.”
The time you spend reading God's Word and talking or tuning in to God will change how you see and converse to yourself. Persistently keep your eyes on Him and what He has for you and those negative, damaging contemplations won't be able to find a spot in your mind.

Making these three things an everyday part of your life will impact your personal growth exponentially. Improving yourself as a better person doesn't happen overnight. However, it is possible. Trust in yourself and realize that it is conceivable.

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