Spiritual Transmitted Attainment

by Bonginkosi Solly Sithole
(Pretoria South Africa)

Chapter 4 (page 2) survival kit of Life Bonginkosi Sithole

The process of living is a Spiritual Transmitted Attainment (STA), it is true that you become, the reflection of your campany. If you spend more time with people who don't Challange your intellectual capacity, but always seeks to speak things that are more less important to develop you. There's no way that you can't became a Mental Dwarf.

I strongly believe in the Theory of Evolution by chevalier de Lamarck. Lamark incorporated two ideas into his theory of evolution, in his day considered to be generally true. The first was the idea of use versus disuse; he theorized that individuals lose characteristics they do not require, or use, and develop characteristics that are useful.

If your Brain Stop Working because no one Challanges your mind to think, generate Ideas, bring Solutions and Make a difference. It cease to be useful. And you start to be a brainless individual.

A brainless person is dead person. To our surprise we don't know how ghost behave but we assume that they behave exactly as the living Ghost that we see in our day to day lives. The ones that we are waiting for they official Announcement of Death.

DR. David Molapo once said if you are not growing you are dying. And Doctor Mdluli writes, without change you not growing and without growing you are dying. With this two quotes I discovered that if you stop thinking, you stop growing and if you stop growing, you will stop changing unfortunately when you stop changing You are dead.

Let's use our brains for the benefit of Changing. And when change manifest in us all we shall change the world.

But remember the Legacy of changing the world will be credited to you. Don't stop Thinking No matter but remember to think in the benefit of importance.

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Jan 08, 2017
You are on the right track.
by: Dr Matluli Abbey Mdhluli

Thank you for such thought provoking article. Continue pushing us to use our brains for thinking so that we can move to the next levels of self-awareness and self-actualization. Indeed it is unfortunate that some of us are long dead while we are still alive. If we can become aware that we have so much power to change the world in our heads, we would be unstoppable. Fact is,we cannot change the world when or if we fail to change our own lives. And, our lives are in our heads. Remember, we are the products of our own thinking. Keep up the good work. We are proud of you.

Dec 10, 2016
Powerful message
by: Dr. Ernest McCain

I pray you Continue Growing Young Man. Your writtings are powerful, I believe you the next best Person to change the World.

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