Strive for Riches in Heaven

by Chikoti
(Lusaka, Zambia)

Some work hard for earthly riches and fame.

For a piece of land some have lost their lives. For fame some have sold their souls. For money some have killed, robbed and plundered. For the riches of this world some have given all and continue to give all.

But our life on earth is temporary. It is a stop on our eternal journey. But it is one where we make our choices as to where we spend the rest of our journey.

There is nothing on this earth that is worth the price of your soul. There are no riches in the world that can compare to the Glory and majesty that God has prepared for his people.

So why work so hard for earthly riches and wealth. Yes the Lord can grant them to you, and he wishes to. But even if he does not, you will lose long as you follow him and walk in his ways.

It is the riches of heaven that are worth everything. It is the glory of Christ that is worth everything.

I would give it all up for just one day in his glory. Just one day in his presence. Just one day...

But we will have many days with him...if we believe and confess. We shall have an eternity of that glory and that blessing.

Think about eternity of peace and joy.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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