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Jul 31, 2010
Can't Wait To Make This Policy for my Boss!
by: Bob

This is a great and practical idea that would bring down the AC.

However it would be a tough 'sell'.

My dapper 'pinstriped Armani suit and silk tie' boss would never willingly surrender his spit-polished Italian wingtips and Brooks Brothers socks. He would have to be held down and have them pulled off his feet. (which would be fun and green at the same time...)

He would be constantly looking for ways to find a pair of shoes and socks (maybe bribe the mail guy to bring them in), so KEEPING him barefoot would be a full time job. Of course the suggested fines would shake him down for quite a bit ever week!

Eventually he would have to settle for a very expensive pedicure to go with his suits - which would become the new executive status symbol..

Mar 27, 2009
Great suggestion
by: Moses

That is a great suggestion fo cooling down. As a doctor I can definitely say it works and everyone shuld give it a try.

Just wear fresh sock everyday though otherwise the office can become quite horrible!

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