Taking The Service Road

by Dean Sampano
(Dean Sampano is one of the country's leading experts on sales and service)

A few years back, I was teaching a sales course to a large group of people and on that particular day there was such a great energy in the air for they were such a great group of people.

And even though the course was going great, about half way trough, I noticed about half way back there was a big guy, who was slumped over in his chair with his arms crossed and he had such a sour look on his face.

Have you ever met people like that? He was the type of person who looks like he should be captain of the sales prevention team.

Well when the question period came up, he loudly spoke up and started off blaming the manufacturer, who was in the room. Then he blamed his management then he blamed his co-workers who were in the room. Then he even blamed the customers for his lack of success and he said all I want to know is how to make more and work less and if you tell me how to do that I will pay you double.

I pause for a moment and I looked at him and said "so basically you want to make more money so you can one day make it to easy street right?" He says Ya!

I said I think I can give you some reliable directions on how to make it to easy street. I said do you have a pen? He said, ya.

I said, all that you have to do, is walk out that auditorium door, go up to the next light, hang a right and get on the service road. And yes I know that the Service road that may take some extra time but it's in that extra mile, that is where you are going to see the extra commissions and extra rewards.

And yes I know that the service road may not always feel smooth but the great thing is that your lanes feel extra wide because there is so little competition there and the only accidents you will have are that of the good kind and the scenery and the people you will meet are amazing.

And while it isn't the easy way I know you will never make it to Easy Street, without taking the Service Road especially if you're stuck in traffic, on Self Centered drive.

When I said that the whole room fell into a hush and you could almost hear the proverbial pin drop.

The big guy looked at me and his face went red and do you know what he said? He said "You Got Me" and then he smiled and I smiled back and said, "No you got it yourself."

For that's why all great sales begin in the heart not the head. And when you have the heart to get on that service road and help customers even though most sales people would have turned back and when you have the heart to go the extra mile for customers even though your energy is low and the clouds of doubt have rolled in and you go that Extra Mile, not for the commission but because it's the right thing to do.

I said, now that takes strength and that takes courage and that's sales power and that's when a true professional is born. And when I said that, the whole room stood up and let out a tremendous roar, even the big guy in the back.

By: Dean Sampano

Toronto, Canada

Over the last decade Dean Sampano has risen to become one of the country's leading authority on sales and service and has helped 1000's of people achieve their dreams.

All the above quotes are based on the work of Dean Sampano and covered under Copyright 1032799.

For more information on Dean Sampano and his upcoming seminars visit. www.livemotivation.com or call 416.830.0965

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