by Harvard Chinyemba

I discovered something that jacked up my knees: A Talent. What is a Talent? A talent is a natural aptitude or ability to do something. But again, a Talent is a former weight and a unit of currency. Therefore, if you say you have a Talent, it means you have a natural aptitude or ability to do something e.g visual or music art.

If you have a talent of singing it means that is your weight and unit of currency. Ok, let me not confuse you. Let me put it this way: We said a Talent is both a former weight and a unit of currency, right? Now, a Talent was equal to 34 Kilograms of gold. That translates roughly to 4 million British Pounds! Therefore when you say you are talented in singing. That talent comes with a 4 million British Pounds price tag. If you have many Talents, multiply by the aforesaid amount, what do you have? That's what you are worth!

If you don't believe what i am saying, take a look at how much Christiano Ronaldo or Messi are earning for using their talent.
The problem is ignorance. The Bible says you can only reap what you sow. Compare the two soccer players i have mentioned and that amateur player in your compound. What is the difference? Harnessing and nurturing of their talent. Ask yourself, "What are my Talents?" As long as you don't utilize your Talents, you will remain poor. No one ever got rich by being employed in a company.

Do you remember the parable of the Talents in the Bible?
You will give an account before God about what you have done with your talent. The servant who hid the one talent was told that he was a wicked and lazy servant. What will God say about you?

I therefore pray that you may start harnessing and nurturing that Talent which God entrusted with you.If you don't know exactly which Talent is resident in you, pray and God will show like He did to me way back in 1999 when i went on a seven days total prayer and fasting.You, however, can fast for one, two or three days if you can't manage seven days.
God bless you.

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