Ten Keys To Achieveing Academic Success

by Oruka Otuene
(Delta State Nigeria )


success in any field of life is a product of consistent and persistent hard work. Academic success is not an exception to that. It just requires simple obedience to certain principles and rules. God has given each and every single individual tremendous power and potentials, but it's sad only few of us eventually use of our innate potentials and abilities. Here are few powerful tips for unlocking your academic potentials.
Success is a result of good judgement. Good judgement is a result of experience and experience is a result of bad judgement .-------- Anthony Robbins

1. MINDSET AND THOUGHTS : Anyone that has accomplished anything of great value in life usually have a good set of beliefs, mindset and thoughts about themselves and others. To achieve academic success you have to always believe in your ability to achieve it and trust in your potential to do more. Always think of success and greatness because your thoughts are like energy frequencies which are emitted to the universe making the universe to attract more like thoughts to us (law of attraction). Don't let others opinion of you become your reality. Choose to be different. Successful people usually have a good set of beliefs and mindsets, learn them, master them and make them a conviction, then you are unstoppable.
We become what we think about ---EARL NIGHTANGLE

2. KNOW THY SELF: As a student aspiring to achieve greatness and excellence in your academics. It is imperative that you know and understand yourself, in the sense that you know were your strength lies, the courses you love, the department you can fit in as well as your reading methods and time. All those knowledge about yourself will help you channel your energy and strength to the right directions and assist you in avoiding mistakes and unnecessary setbacks
Self acceptance is the key to healthy self esteem -------MYLES MUNROE

3.GOAL SETTING : This is a major principle that has been taught by great avatars, teachers and philosophers throughout history. A goal is a set of clear and well defined personal dreams and notions we aim or set to achieve. Goal setting is an essential key to climbing the ladder of success. Setting academic goals (short and long term) and deadlines should be a decision you should make today if you are willing to be an academic guru. Goal setting tends to install the conciousness that there is something waiting for you to achieve thereby, pushing you to work. When you achieve your goals your brain releases endorphin(a happy hormone) which will build up your self esteem and give you a sense of control of life, thus making you happy
Setting goals Is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible---------ANTHONY ROBBINS

4. STUDY AND PRACTICE: Hard work is a necessity to achieving success in almost all aspect of life. Hard working through studying is critical for becoming an high flyer in school. Reading and studying your lecture notes before and after classes aids easy remembrance and revision before exams. Be an avid reader.
Readers are leaders----- BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO

5. TIME MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING: Wasting time is wasting life. Don't spend quality time doing things that will not add value to your life. Time is a great gift and divine resource that ought to be utilize with great consciousness. Invest in your time! Set your priorities and plan your days ahead because they make you more creative and productive.
If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up.---- BRUCE LEE

6. FRIENDS AND PEERS: The people you hang around with affect your behaviors and approach to life itself. Surround yourself with people who are of the same ambition with you. Stick around those who are smarter and better than you as they will help pushing you forward towards your goals. Learn to walk with brilliant students, voracious readers and smart people. Remember! You can't grow above the company you keep.
Friends and good manners will carry you were money won't. ------- MARGARET WALKER

7.SEEK ADVICE AND VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE: A substantial amount of students fail exams because of ignorance and lack of proper information. Learn to consistently seek advice from your seniors and mentors. Read motivational books and articles because they Help build up your mental faculties, boost intelligence and intellectual alertness.
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest--------- BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

8. ATTEND CLASSES : It has been proven that students that show up in classes are found to be more effective and competent than their counterparts who do not attend lectures. As a student when you start missing classes their are higher chances of you missing tests and serious class exercise which is crucial for you to have good grades.
A lecture is an occasion when you numb one end to babe the other------------ JOHN GOULD

9. REST AND FUN: Reading and studying involves the use of a lot of energy resulting in depletion of brain glucose, so it is advised you get enough rest( preferably sleep), eat healthy meals and always make out time to socialize and have fun with friends.
Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. ------------ RANDY PANSCH

10. GOD AND PRAYERS: This article will be incomplete without this point. God is your father and always there to help. Dedicate your life to him and ask him anything in faith and he will give you. The devil is a Dream killer, he has nothing to offer. His main aim is to destroy( John 10:10), so resist him and he will flee.
I am the way, the truth and the life. -------------- JESUS

CONCLUSION: mere reading this article doesn't make you a success academically, although you have made a step, taking consistent action does. So be motivated to act on this point. Thank you.
Action is the foundational key to all success. -------- PABLO PICASSO

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