by Olugbenga Stephen ASAOLU
(Ilesa, Osun-state, Nigeria)

The champion’s edge is not in a gifted birth; a high Intelligent Quotient (IQ) or in talent. The champion’s edge is all in the ATTITUDE (how you do what you do); not aptitude.

How you do what you do determines the quality of the results you get in your life.
It is what you do after you’ve done what you are expected to do, that will make you a CHAMPION.

It is what you learn after you’ve learnt what you are expected to learn that will make you a GENIUS.
It is how many people you help to become successful after you become successful that will make you live a life of SIGNIFICANCE.

It is the EXTRA that you do after doing the ordinary, that will make you to become EXTRA-ORDINARY.

©Olugbenga Stephen ASAOLU

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