The Code of a Professional

by Dean Sampano
(Dean Sampano is one of the countries leading experts on sales and service.)

Great selling is about inspiration and not about perspiration! It’s about the right attitude and not latitude. It’s about creating the feeling trust and not thrust. And it’s about going the extra mile not just follow up for a while. And it’s about the love of a profession, not just a passing obsession and if you follow these principals through and through to the end; you will be a success in sales and service because you have treated your customer like a friend.

By Dean Sampano

Other Quotes by Dean Sampano:

"When you build hope in your future, you create power in the present."
Dean Sampano

"You must work daily to develop the habits of who you could be, so you can become the person you dream to be."
Dean Sampano

"Don't let the good things you would like to have, destroy the great things you already have."
Dean Sampano

"You must inseminate new thinking in your present if you want to birth something new in your future."
Dean Sampano

"If you want to make it in today’s market you have to get out of the product business and get back in to the people business."
Dean Sampano

Over the last decade Dean Sampano has risen to become one of the country’s leading authority on sales and service and has helped 1000’s of people achieve their dreams.

All the above quotes are based on the work of Dean Sampano and covered under Copyright 1032799.

For more information on Dean Sampano and his upcoming seminars visit. or call 416.830.0965

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